Is Let Property Insurance for Me?

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If you own property in the UK that is leased to others for residential or commercial use, you need the specialist cover of Let Property Insurance.

Let Property Insurance can cover you for:

  • Material damage to the property. This covers damage caused by a range of perils including accidental damage and subsidence.
  • Loss of rent. This covers loss of rental income following an insured incident and where the property is no longer habitable.
  • Property owner’s liability. This covers awards against you made to third parties for death or bodily injury and for loss or damage to property occurring at the property you own.
  • Employers’ liability up to £10m. This covers compensation and fees awarded to your employees suffering death, accident or illness occurring through their work and for which you are responsible.
  • Legal expenses. This covers legal costs incurred such as for evicting squatters from your property.

Take a look at our top tips to help you choose a property owners’ insurance policy.

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