Is Toolbox Insurance For Me?

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We provide specialist toolbox insurance cover for mechanics.  

Would the loss of your toolbox be a costly setback?

With premiums starting from just £28.00 for twelve months cover Toolbox Insurance is an affordable way to protect your livelihood.

Who is it for ?

Mechanics with their own toolbox which is kept at their employer’s place of work.

Getting a quote – quick and easy

You can insure your toolbox for £2,500 to £20,000 by clicking ‘Get a Quote’, answering a few questions and if you like what you see buying cover.

If your toolbox is worth more than £20,000 please call us for a quotation.

What is covered?

Your Portable Hand Tools and the Toolbox itself against…

Accidental Damage, Fire and Theft* whilst kept at your employer’s place of work

‘New for Old’ cover with no deduction for wear and tear when you make a claim. £250 excess per claim.

Temporary Removal cover whilst you move your toolbox between permanent places of work, subject to temporary overnight storage in a locked building or a vehicle stored in a locked compound or building (from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am).

Portability – your insurance goes with you if you change jobs. Just let us know your new place of work when you renew the policy.

Other stuff you need to know

*Theft cover is subject to forcible and violent entry or exit to the building.

Your toolbox must be anchored to the fabric of the building.

The amount you insure for should be the new replacement value of all your tools and the toolbox.

We ask for photographs of the toolbox and each open draw – this will help make your claims experience easier and quicker.


Mechanics Toolbox Insurance is NOT for you if you are a mobile mechanic or if you keep your tools at home or at a non-commercial premises – sorry!

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