Is Commercial Combined Insurance for me?

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If you have business premises and your activities are broader than office or shop based work then you probably need the breadth and flexibility of Commercial Combined Insurance.

Commercial combined insurance can cover you for:

  • Material damage to the property and contents. This covers damage caused by a range of perils and may be extended to include accidental damage and subsidence.
  • Loss of money up to £1,500. This covers loss of money belonging to your business or for which you are responsible.
  • Goods in transit. This covers goods, whether your own or belonging to third parties, whilst in transit.
  • Business interruption insurance for up to 24 months. This covers loss of your profits whilst you are unable to fully trade due to the loss or damage of your property or contents.
  • Book debts up to £5,000. This covers money you are owed and are unable to recover due to loss of your accounting books through an incident that is also insured.
  • Employers’ liability up to £10m. This covers compensation and fees awarded to your employees suffering death, accident or illness occurring through their work and for which you are responsible.
  • Public liability and product liability up to £2m. This covers awards to third parties for death or bodily injury and for loss or damage to property resulting through your work or being on your premises.

Commercial Combined insurance is tailored to your specific needs. This means your quotation will be personally prepared by an underwriter so will not be immediately available for you to view online.  We will contact you as soon as your quotation is ready.
Take a look at our top tips when choosing a Commercial Combined insurance policy.

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