Employers’ Liability FAQs

What is Employers’ Liability Insurance? If an employee is injured whilst at work or they (or former employees) become ill as a result of their work they are entitled to seek compensation from the employer responsible. Employers’ Liability Insurance ensures that the employer has insurance protection against a claim and can meet the compensation costs. […]

Stormy Weather

We all seem to love talking about it and this week there is some weather to talk about! The week starts at 18 degrees and ends with storms as Doris comes to visit. Changeable weather represents a challenge for those of us who motor around for work or pleasure. It is worth being prepared – […]


RiskPartner, our business risk management resource, is now live and available for businesses to register for FREE of charge! At My Insurance Partner helping businesses is what we do. Whether it’s the convenience and choice of buying your business insurance through www.myinsurancepartner.co.uk, the security of our Expert Eye or now RiskPartner we love to find […]