5 Insurance Tips for Property Professionals

The team at My Insurance Partner specialise in understanding a profession and then creating insurance cover to protect against the specific risks that it faces. In addition to requiring insurance cover for risks that are common across many sectors such as: Office Contents Office Buildings Liability to employees and members of the public each profession […]

5 Tips – Shop Insurance

People are often left confused after trying to arrange shop insurance. Luckily you can benefit from our top five tips.   Tenants’ Improvements relates to improvements to a rented Building – This is an area that is often misunderstood or ignored. Tenants’ Improvements refers to improvements you have made to a rented property such as […]

Mechanics Toolbox Insurance

Guide to Tools Insurance for Mechanics. Our Mechanics ‘Toolbox’ Insurance has been designed specifically for Mechanics own Tools which are secured to the building at their place of work. We offer Sums Insured ranging from £2,500 to £20,000 with premiums from just £28.00 to £224 for 12 months cover. Our policy is designed for mechanics […]