5 Insurance Tips for Property Professionals

The team at My Insurance Partner specialise in understanding a profession and then creating insurance cover to protect against the specific risks that it faces.

In addition to requiring insurance cover for risks that are common across many sectors such as:

  • Office Contents
  • Office Buildings
  • Liability to employees and members of the public

each profession has exposures which are specific to it.

Here we have identified 5 additional exposures that Property Professionals should consider:

  1. Client Keys – Does your policy provide cover for the replacement of your client’s keys/locks should the keys be stolen from your office?
  2. Loss of Income Does your policy provide cover for your loss of income (management fees) following damage to a property you let or manage?
  3. Marketing/Letting Boards – Does your policy cover your legal liability for injury and property damage arising from signs, marketing and letting boards?
  4. Contractors – Does your policy cover your legal liability for injury or property damage occurring whilst contractors maintain or clean a property?
  5. Assault – Does your policy provide personal accident cover for injury to employees as the result of assault?

If the answer to any (or all) of these is NO you might like to consider a policy from My Insurance Partner. Designed specifically for Property Professionals, our insurance policy provides these covers in addition to the ‘standard’ cover expected of an Office Insurance policy.

The ‘additional’ covers are a real ‘extra’ as they are all included within the price of the ‘standard’ cover of an Office Insurance policy.

The policy is backed by a leading Insurance Company.

You can find out more and obtain a quotation at www.myinsurancepartner.co.uk/insure-my-office or by calling 01684 215000.

Other covers we can arrange for Property Professionals include:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Insurance